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Why Living in Ashland is Great for Kids

Ashland, Oregon has traditionally maintained an older demographic mainly due to the higher cost of real estate within the city. But, that trend is starting to change as more affordable housing options are popping up around town. This has started to attract many young families interested in living in Ashland who are coming from all over the region. Why? We believe it’s a combination of many things that creates our quintessential  “Ashland Culture.” If we had to describe the Ashland culture in one word, we would say “uplifting”.

Ashland is an uplifting and welcoming place to live

We have found the 3 pillars that support our uplifting community are:

  1. Ashland’s strong education system.
  2. Ashland’s emphasis on the arts and the creative people who make our community so unique.
  3. And, our beautiful natural surroundings that inspire a life of adventure and outdoor activities.

Why Your Family Should Consider Living In Ashland, Oregon

1. Quality Education

When families move to new towns, one of the most important things on their checklist is to make sure they are moving somewhere with a good public school district. The purpose of this is two-fold: first, to ensure that their own children get the best public education possible, and second, to ensure that their investment will pay off when it comes time to sell their home.

An online website, called Niche, ranks the best public schools in Oregon. It has placed the city of Ashland as #6 out of roughly 175 districts.

U.S. News also ranked Ashland High School as the 15th best high school in Oregon with an overall score of 90.29/100. With some of the top schools in the state, it’s no wonder why parents want the best for their children and are deciding that living in Ashland is the right move.

Right in the heart of our small city lies Southern Oregon University. This is another plus for homeowners with kids, as universities often provide cultural events for the public, including musical, theatrical, and academic opportunities such as lecture series. SOU is no exception to this rule and provides tremendous learning and cultural opportunities for the community. Having a local university is also a great influence on younger students as it provides a positive example of higher education and gives them something to strive for as they work hard in school. Another perk of having college-aged students in the area is that it can provide a larger pool of role models, babysitters, and tutors volunteering at our public schools.

2. Fine Arts

With the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Ashland Art Center’s free weekly kids workshops as well as the Ashland Independent Film Festival, our town is buzzing with the Arts. 

While traditional educational topics, like math, tend to work on the left side of one’s brain, the arts work the right side. In order to keep our brains working to their full potential, it is important to exercise both sides so that they work in harmony with one another. 

Ashland celebrates the creative Arts

With the help of extracurricular art workshops, theatre, dance, and other creative outlets offered to youth throughout the year, Ashland’s kids are taught from a young age to think creatively, to have an open mind, to express their feelings, and to be confident in themselves. The city of Ashland and its residents understand this and are dedicated to exposing our youth to the arts. 

3. Ashland Is Nature’s Playground

Another reason living in Ashland is great for families is the natural environment we live in. From town, residents have easy access to hiking and biking trails, lakes, rivers, Mt. Ashland, and so much more. This accessibility makes outdoor recreation a huge part of Ashland’s DNA and families like to take advantage of all the nearby opportunities, whether that be spending an afternoon playing in one of a dozen parks, exploring nearby hillsides, or hitting the slopes of Mt. Ashland in the wintertime.

The Rogue River, Table Rocks, Mt. Ashland Ski Area, Emigrant Lake, and Lithia Park are just a few of the popular places our adventurous community members frequently visit. Parents in Ashland recognize the many benefits of exposing children to the great outdoors, so you will have no trouble finding other families to explore with!

Ashland is a great place to live for kids who love to explore

Most importantly to us at KDA Homes, kids in Ashland quickly gain an appreciation for the outdoors and understand what is at stake if we do not keep it in good condition. We believe that everyone needs to be stewards of our environment, and we are proud that our community takes such great strides to live a more green and sustainable lifestyle.

With our community’s love of the outdoors, it’s no surprise that Ashland is a certified Bee City with a mission to help “sustain pollinators by providing them with healthy habitat, rich in a variety of native plants and free of pesticides.” Not only does this help the bee population, but it proves that our city strives to use fewer pesticides in its public parks, which is great for all of our children’s health and wellbeing.

Are You Ready To Explore What Living in Ashland is all about?

Ashland’s great public schools, plentiful opportunities to participate in the arts, and inexhaustible outdoor recreation options all combine to make this uplifting city a great place to settle down. The tight-knit community provides a welcoming place for all people, wherever they are on life’s journey. If you are thinking of raising a family in Southern Oregon, Ashland is a great place to check out. You should consider putting it on the top of your list!

Sustainable Homes For Sale In Ashland, Oregon

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Beach Creek Ashland
Beach Creek Ashland

Now selling starting in the $400’s! Beach Creek, by KDA Homes, is a 10-acre neo-traditional neighborhood of 52 view homes centrally located within walking distance of everything Ashland offers. As you enter the community, you will and some of Ashland’s oldest and most beautiful oak trees, a park, and open spaces along Beach Creek’s banks. A promenade with trees and front porches connects pedestrians via the newly constructed Friendship Bridge. KDA homes are NetZero, Earth Advantage, Lifelong Housing, and Firewise certified. All homes have solar panels, car chargers, and fiber optic cable. All our homes come with a 10-year home warranty.

At KDA Homes, our mission is to be pioneers in smarter home design leading the way for sustainability in real estate development and green building. If you’re interested in being a part of a sustainable community in Ashland, Oregon please contact us today to learn more about KDA Homes currently on the market.

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