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What Is An ADU? And What Are The Rules For ADUs In Ashland, Oregon

What Is An ADU?

With housing in short supply and the pandemic shifting real estate preferences, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have seen a spike in popularity.

These extra living spaces can be a cost-effective way to update your property to suit your family’s current needs and can boost the value of the real estate you own. They can also be a source of extra income by renting out the space or listing it on services like Airbnb.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are called many things: granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages, secondary units, and more.

But, what is an ADU exactly?

An accessory dwelling unit is a really simple and old idea: having a second small dwelling right on the same grounds (or attached to) your regular single-family house.


Here are the most common structural forms of ADUs (as well as some of the other terms you might hear to describe them).

What Is An ADU

1)  Detached new construction ADUs, also sometimes called backyard cottages, granny flats, laneway houses, or DADUs, depending on the jurisdiction:

2) Attached Unit AKA Addition ADUs or “bump-out ADUs”

3) Interior Upper-Level ADUs, where part of the primary house on the upper-level is converted to an ADU.

ADUs above a garage or workshop, or attached to it. In some areas, these may be called garage apartments or carriage houses:

4) Interior Lower-Level Unit or Basement conversion ADUs, also commonly called basement apartments, mother-in-law units, in-law units, secondary suites, English basements, accessory apartments, and a host of other names.

5) Above Garage Unit

6) Garage Conversion ADUs

What are the benefits of an ADU?

Building an ADU (legally) can be a great way to raise your property value and can also be a good way to dip your toe into the pool of real estate investing.

A lot of real estate investors like to talk about house hacks. Whether you want to dabble in real estate investing, earn a bit of rental income, or simply raise the value of your home, an ADU is a great way to do it with relatively little upfront capital. Building an ADU that someone will live in can also be part of the solution to the country’s ongoing housing shortage.

What are the Rules for building an ADU in Ashland, Oregon?

Accessory residential units are subject to site design review by the city of Ashlan prior to construction. However, Accessory residential units are permitted outright with an approved building permit, and are allowed without a site design review under chapter 18.5.2; provided, that the accessory residential unit meets certain requirements outlined in this Land Use Ordinance overview under section

Bottom line

Accessory dwelling units have grown in popularity over the last decade, and especially in the last year. They can be a great way for homeowners to increase the functionality of their property and can be a big boost to value when it comes time to sell.

If you’re considering creating an ADU in your home, or are looking to purchase a multi-unit dwelling, it’s crucial to make sure the project was permitted correctly, or it can become an expensive headache down the road.

Given the current housing shortage and the need for sustainable solutions that also benefit our homeowners, KDA Homes has begun offering ADUs at homes in our new communities. We are currently in the process of building 4 new homes with ADUs at the Kestrel Park community in Ashland.

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Kestrel Park – Ashland
Kestrel Park – Ashland

A Destination Neighborhood In The Hills of Ashland Starting At $774,900!

Kestrel Park Cottages
Kestrel Park Cottages

Eco-Friendly, Solar Cottages Starting at $439,900

To learn more, please contact our Sales Team at the Rick Harris Group at John L. Scott in Ashland.

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