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The Best Ashland, Oregon Mountain Biking Trails

Looking for the best Ashland, Oregon mountain biking trails? Then this blog is for you!

Sitting in the foothills of the Siskiyou and Cascade ranges, Ashland is known for having some incredible hiking and biking trails. We’re going to break down a few of the best rides and local outfitters to get you ready for some epic mountain biking adventures in Ashland, Oregon.

Top 3 Ashland, Oregon Mountain Biking Trails

Best of Mt Ashland

The Best of Mt Ashland – efficiently links two great downhill segments via a short climb. You are rewarded with a variety of flawless singletrack from this ride. With almost 7K’ of descending though fast, flowing trails punctuated by berms, roots, and rocks. One can skip the climb up to Bull Gap Road 200 and continue straight down Catwalk Trail, however, Upper Lynx and Lower Lynx are not to be missed!

ashland oregon mountain biking

Time Warp starts with a short doubletrack climb offering a good warmup, before becoming singletrack with unbelievable alpine views. The downhill rewards you with rocky terrain peppered with small natural jumps and drops, you’ll descend from above the tree line into a green forest highlighted by granite slabs. The ripping descent eventually comes to an end, as you start down Ashland Watershed 2060 road. Utilize this section to recover before starting the routes final climb up to Bull Gap Road 200. You will climb for two miles before catching the tail end of Lower Bull Gap, to use it as a connector to the wonderful Upper Lynx Trail. It’s all downhill from here! Enjoy some of Ashland’s best purpose-built trails as you twist, turn and jump your way into town!

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Mt. Ashland Super D shuttle

You get variety and vertical from this ride, with over 5K’ of descending though classic Southern Oregon singletrack. The end of the route drops you into the picturesque heart of Ashland, where you can either roll to a café or brewpub or, if your schedule permits, head up for another lap.

Route Details
It is possible to climb doubletrack to the top of this ride but the shuttle is quick and convenient. Don’t worry, though, there are still about 1,000 feet of climbing sprinkled throughout the route to keep you honest.

While there are several routes down the mountain, the most popular one follows the renowned Ashland Super D route. Starting at the parking lot of Mt. Ashland ski resort, the first couple miles of Upper Bull Gap are doubletrack but the singletrack soon appears with a vengeance on Lower Bull Gap. Fast, flowing trails punctuated by berms, roots, and rocks reward airtime and confidence as the trail runs into Upper and then Lower Lynx.

You’ll pop into a small parking lot and then drop immediately into Catwalk, which ups the fun factor with jumps and side hits along the backslope. Bang a left onto Toothpick Trail and then roll up the start of Caterpillar for more high-speed twists and turns.

The newly redeveloped Jabberwocky Trail is a testament to the persistence and skill of local trail builders and it allows wide-open rollicking through the forest as you approach the town. Jumps, berms, and rollers can be ridden at whatever speed you like (or dare). Get it all out of your system, though, because once it’s over you’re back on mixed-use trails so be courteous to other users as you roll through the neighborhood into downtown. Now comes the most difficult decision of the day: microbrew or one more time from the top?

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Lower Ashland Watershed

Get to know the Ashland area with this fine sampling of near-town trails. The green and blue descents get you in the groove of the riding you’ll see in the region, and the directional nature allows you to enjoy the flow. Thanks to the doubletrack climb with multiple trail crossings you’ll be able to loop your favorite trail of the day, go higher if your legs allow, or quickly drop back into picturesque downtown Ashland if you decide that the beautiful afternoon would go best with a local IPA.

ashland oregon mountain biking

Route Details
Whether you’re pulling into town that morning or if you’ve spent the previous night, head into historic downtown Ashland to start this ride. Strategically situated, you’ll be ready to enjoy the plentiful food and drink offerings at the end of your day on the trails.

Climb south through the neighborhoods on residential streets, letting your legs warm up. About 1.5 miles from town you’ll shed the hillside homes and enter the forest, following Ashland Loop Road for another 2.5 miles. The road keeps heading up but saves your legs later as this ride already has a solid 3K’ of vert. Your initial descent is on Caterpillar Trail, a classic ride that, in keeping with the theme, continues downward on Alice in Wonderland Trail.

Keep your wits about you as you pass the six-mile mark and split left onto BTI Trail, a more recent addition that keeps the fun factor turned up. Check your speed and cool down as you flow onto the multi-use trail at the bottom of BTI, and reflect happily on your first 1,200’ descent of the day. If you think it would be wiser to save your legs for later, you can easily drop into downtown at this point. If you want more punishment (followed by more fun), pedal over to Horn Creek Road, downshift, and start climbing again for your next helping.

At slightly past nine miles into the ride, you’ll turn right onto Wonder Trail and keep climbing. Just as you’re starting to get tired the trail kicks uphill in earnest, followed by rolling climbs and descents as you turn right onto Fell on Knee Trail at Mile 10.5. After another mile, you’ll finally crest and start withdrawing all those vertical feet you deposited into the bank. You’ll drop onto Hitt Road, a fast old roadbed littered with natural doubles and man-made hits, before dropping the final mile back into downtown. Smart you, it’s early afternoon on a sunny day, with plenty of restaurants, cafes, and brewpubs fighting for your attention. Find a nice al fresco spot and start carbo-loading for the next ride.

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Ashland, Oregon Mountain Biking Outfitters


Ashland Mountain Adventures provides shuttle service to any location in the Siskiyou Mountains. They specialize in linking you up with the best mountain bike trails according to your proficiency. They have 3, 12 passenger vans allow you or your group of riders to enjoy the trails of your choice,  from the top of Mt Ashland, back down to Lithia park. You can make your ride as short as 14 miles to as long as 30 miles!

They also offer bike rentals.


After growing up in the lush forests of Astoria Oregon, John Ford traveled to the Rogue Valley to begin his bicycle career by attending United Bicycle Institute. After gaining experience at prominent cycle shops in the valley he then opened Bear Creek Bicycle in 1999 with a focus on mountain bikes, family bikes, and town bikes, providing Southern Oregon with a better bicycle retail experience.

They offer mountain bike rentals.


Siskiyou Cyclery is an authorized SPECIALIZED dealer. They rent and sell Specialized bicycles and e-bikes and repair all brands.


With over 100 years of combined experience, KDA Homes is committed to being pioneers in smarter home design leading the way for sustainability in residential development and green building. The company approaches every project with the end goal in mind –  building a home for a new community to grow. KDA is a proud member of the Ashland community.

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