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Feeling Sick From Wildfire Smoke? Here’s How To Decrease Your Risk

Depending on where you live, inhaling wildfire smoke can be unavoidable. And, unfortunately, the worst smoke particles for your health are ones you can’t even see!

Prevent getting sick from wildfire smoke.

Our body’s natural reaction to smoke is to cough or sneeze it out, but that only helps take the large particles out of our system. So if our natural defenses can’t help us what more can we do to decrease symptoms after being exposed to wildfire smoke?

Luckily, there are a lot of health resources out there offering ways to decrease your risk after getting sick from wildfire smoke. If you are feeling sick from wildfire smoke than this article will teach you how to relieve current symptoms as well as how to prepare for next year’s wildfire season. 

Already sick From Wildfire Smoke? Here’s what to do!

It’s imperative to do as much as you can right away so that you can decrease your chances of having long-term health implications from wildfire smoke. 

The most important thing you can do after being exposed to wildfire smoke is DETOX!-  and that doesn’t mean drinking Green smoothies three times a day.

You must take all pollutants out of your daily routine. Here are some ways to decrease your risks from wildfire smoke:

1) Stay Inside

Don’t make your health worse by going outside when the air quality is poor. Make sure to check your local Air Quality Index before you leave your home.

Even when there are prescribed burns you have to be careful. Stay in the loop on burning going on this Fall and Winter by signing up for automated text messages from the city of Ashland as to when and where prescribed burns are taking place.

2) Go See Your Doctor

We recommend you go see your physician and get a proper exam if you are feeling sick from inhaling wildfire smoke. If you can’t get a professional respiratory system exam at the moment here are a few DIY measures from Tru Health Medicine you can do on your own. 

  • Drinking LOTS of Water 
  • Drinking Hot Liquids 
  • Using a Saline Nasal Spray
  • Rinsing Your Sinuses with a Neti Pot
  • Breathing in Steam with Thyme
  • Receiving a Vitamin Rich IV Drip
  • Loading Your Diet with Ginger
  • Increasing Your Vitamin C Intake
  • Upping Your Glutathione Levels 

3) Don’t Smoke!

This might be a given, but it needs to be said. Immediately STOP smoking cigarettes, e-cigs, vapes, and marijuana! Any form of smoke will irritate your lungs and make the recovery process longer than it needs to be.

Common Misconception

Common paper dust masks only trap large pollutant particles and won't prevent you from getting sick from wildfire smoke.

“Wearing dust masks protects you from wildfire smoke sickness.” WRONG! Common paper dust masks only trap large pollutant particles, like sawdust, from reaching your lungs. The harmful tiny smoke particles from wildfires will still get through and make you sick.

Prepare for Next fire Season to Prevent Sickness And Safeguard Your Home

Not so Fun Fact: Wildfires in the United States typically burn between 4 million and 9 million acres each year. Though abundant wildfires in our region is a scary situation to face, it is not cause to consider packing up your life. After all, there are natural disasters practically everywhere in the U.S.. Instead, you should take all the precautions you can to keep you and your family safe.

If you live in Southern Oregon, then the city of Ashland has some great advice and resources that members of any community can take in order to mitigate risks associated with wildfires.

Additionally, we highly suggest checking to see if your neighborhood community has taken the necessary precautions to safeguard all its homes for the next wildfire seasonGo the extra mile to become a certified Firewise Community. It’s completely free and could save your home in the future! 

The city of Ashland, Oregon already has 36 established Firewise Communities. Learn how to make your home more fire safe by clicking here. Or call (541) 552-2231 right now and talk to Ashland’s Fire and Rescue Fire Adapted Communities Coordinator, Katie Gibble, about scheduling an individual home property assessment.

The National Firewise Communities Program is a national interagency program that encourages partnerships among communities, homeowners, private industry, tribes, and public agencies and officials to develop and implement local solutions for wildfire preparedness – before a fire starts. Wildfires are a natural process.”

Do Not Panic!

As we get into the Fall and winter season, there are going to be prescribed burns, so you may still see small columns of smoke up in the hills.Remember, if you live in Ashland, then you can get automated text messages from the city as to when and where prescribed burns are taking place. Click here to sign up today. 

All you can do is be prepared. If you’ve made it to the end of this article, then you have all the necessary information at your disposal to decrease your risk of getting sick from wildfire smoke! 

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