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A Local’s Guide To Shopping In Ashland, Oregon 

If you’ve found your way to this article then there’s probably one question on your mind – where to go shopping in Ashland, Oregon. Whether you’re visiting Ashland on a long vacation, a short trip to the Shakespeare Festival, or are staying for a few months on business, you’ll want to check out our quaint downtown. Here you will discover a blend of quirky and classy restaurants and shops bordering the beautiful Lithia Park and Lithia Creek. All of the stores are AMAZING and pride themselves on exceptional customer service. From boho to avant-garde Ashland has shops catering to any style.

Welcome to Ashland, Oregon – A Shopper’s Paradise

Touring through Ashland’s streets and stores is more than a casual shopping experience. It’s a sensory adventure that will have you admiring interesting fabrics, devouring diverse dishes, smelling delicious scents wafting in every direction, and experiencing the natural beauty of  Ashland.

There is a sense of pride in downtown Ashland. Locals strive to support small businesses and their local owners and downtown Ashland has a long history of catering to visitors and locals alike while offering wonderful “finds” and supporting community projects. As you walk the streets, you’re sure to have multiple places catch your eye. The best tip we can give is to follow your heart and walk into every store that catches your eye. That said, we thought we’d share eight great stores that you should not miss while shopping in Ashland, Oregon.

Paddington Station

Paddington Station is one of Ashland's most notorious shops

Paddington Station and her sister stores, Paddington Jewel Box, Inspired by Oregon, & Paddington Express are a few local favorites when it comes to shopping in Ashland, Oregon. Locally owned and operated, they offer a one-stop shopping experience and carry everything from special clothing and accessories “for her”, to kitchen products and locally made items that are unique to Oregon. Their newest location, Paddington Express, is a rotating pop-up experience, which changes themes every few months (the last theme was Alice in Wonderland), keeping products fresh and exciting.

Travel Essentials

Locally owned for 25 years with active owners in the community. This store carries travel stuff you actually need along with luxurious items you can splurge on. No pressure sales, just helpful staff eager to talk about your next adventure. They even have a killer newsletter with awesome tips about trips they’ve been on! 

Music Coop 

Who says record stores are dead? Ashland’s Music Coop is a must-stop for music lovers both young and old. This store is a gathering space for those who are musically inclined. With over 20,000 incredible CD’s, a fabulous assortment of box sets, and a variety of collectible Vinyl, the Music Coop offers the best selection of music in Southern Oregon.

Music Coop is about as far from a tourist trap as you can get. It is a record store in the classic sense before digital content delivery-where you can go in and meet knowledgeable staff with a passion for what they do and what seems to be an impossibly huge inventory in the current age. The vinyl selection is great.  The used prices for vinyl are excellent. Will you pay more for the new pressings or rarer vinyl? Sure – just like you would at Amazon or eBay. If you are in Ashland and love vinyl or compact disc do not pass this store up.

Bloomsbury Books 

Bloomsbury Books is Ashland's favorite bookstore

Named the best book store in Oregon in 2019 ahead of even Portland’s legendary Powell’s Books, Bloomsbury is a true gem. The shop was started in 1980 by four women, two of whom, Karen Chapman and Shiela Burns, still own and operate it, sticking to its original purpose — a responsive, independently owned shop that met the literary-minded fans of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and was adored by locals. There’s a great coffee shop inside making it the perfect place to hunker down with a good book for an afternoon.

Northwest Nature Shop

This shop’s mission is to encourage people to turn their backyards into sanctuaries for wildlife, to provide educational projects for parents to do with their children, and a place for you to find nature guide books to learn about the magical world around us. A fun store for both parents and kids. There’s a wide selection of awesome decor and items for your home as well as a toy and book section for kids and those young at heart.

Three Penny Mercantile

One of the best little thrift shops in Ashland, Three Penny Best is a gem-filled with so many cool, unique, and vintage pieces. You never know what you may find and the prices are on point. The staff is super friendly and you can sell off your old clothes for cash or store credit. They even host live concerts during Ashland’s monthly First Friday Art Walk.

Bestow & Bloom

When shopping in Ashland, Oregon Bestow & Bloom is a must

Bestow & Bloom is a one-of-a-kind boutique located in the charming southern Oregon village of Ashland, featuring unique, hand-curated plants, pots, jewelry, perfumes, and many more goods from local artisans. An absolute must for plant lovers and those looking to bring new life to their home. The staff is super knowledgeable and takes pride in helping to ensure that you keep your plants alive for the long haul!

Village Shoes

“Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world” – Bette Midler 

People rave about this shoe store. Just a step off the beaten path you will find this fun and eclectic boutique. You can shop for fashion-forward footwear from the unique collection of original designs and brand names. They offer a world of fashion for your feet. Quality combined with comfort, high fashion, vogue, chic, sexy and funky. Women’s shoes as well as handbags, hats, and other accessories. Stop by and see what the hype is all about!

Where Else To Go Shopping In Ashland, Oregon?

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of the best shops in Ashland. There are just too many good ones to list. For those who love to shop, we suggest spending an entire afternoon strolling through downtown. Start at the Ashland Library and make your way down to the plaza before making the U-Turn back up the boulevard to check out all of the shops on the other side of the street. There truly is something here for everyone. Enjoy!

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You missed the amazing Pelindaba Lavender store! It’s locally owned and operated and every item is handcrafted at the Pelindaba Lavender farm on San Juan Island in the PNW. My family and I were delighted by the variety of lavender products and we purposely seek out made in USA products. The owner was so kind to my children and I; we loved the warm and inviting atmosphere. Thank you Ashland for a unique and personalized shopping experience at Pelindaba Lavender!

Thanks for commenting, Sue! You are absolutely right. Pelindaba Lavender store is amazing and their lavender lotions are fantastic!

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