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Is Ashland, Oregon Safe To Live?

Is Ashland, Oregon Safe To Live? In short, yes Ashland is a VERY safe place to live. Ashland is a very progressive, forward-thinking community that prides itself on looking out for one another. The median age in Ashland is 45 which is approximately 14% higher than the Oregon average of 39. Many who live here are retirees and there is a lot of money in Ashland, making the cost of living higher than other parts of Oregon. It is a safe, small town with a lot going on for its size.

Let’s Look At The Data: Is Ashland, Oregon Safe To Live?

According to Neighborhood Scout, the chances of being the victim of violent crime in Ashland are 1 in 545 compared to 1 in 350 across Oregon. And though property-related crime rates are higher (1 in 30 vs. 1 in 35 across Oregon), these numbers are a bit skewed due to the higher density of people living in Ashland. 

Growing up in Ashland is arguably the best place in Southern Oregon for kids. Walking around town is safe and easy to get around and the community looks out for their youth. There’s a bike path that goes from one end of town to the other and plenty of parks to enjoy. Coming from someone who grew up in Ashland, I can confidently say that I have never felt safer than I do walking around Ashland. My childhood was spent biking and exploring the town with my friends until late into the evenings without fear. 

Ashland is a great place to live for kids who love to explore

And according to Area Vibes, crime in Ashland is on the decline:

“year over year crime in Ashland has decreased by 17%”

For more information about crime rates and reviews of Ashland as a safe place to live, visit bestplaces.net.


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