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2019 Cost Of Living In Ashland Oregon

Planning to buy a home and relocate can be a tedious task. There are so many questions to ask yourself and it can be challenging to find all of the answers you need. That is why before you decide where to buy your new home, you have to research the exact cost of living in the cities you are most interested in. We have a lot of people who ask us about the cost of living in Ashland – and that’s a question we want to help you answer today.

What Is The Cost Of Living In Ashland, Oregon?

Median Home Cost

According to bestplaces.net, the median home cost in Ashland in 2019 is $456,600.

Comparatively, the median home cost in Eugene in 2019 is $294,900 and the average across Oregon is $331,400.

The median home cost for houses across the US was $216,200 in 2019.

Both Eugene and Ashland are consistently ranked among the best cities in Oregon for families to live in. Ashland is much smaller with a population of 21,000 vs. 170,000. Yet, the cost of living in one of Oregon’s “best cities” does carry a higher price which can pose a barrier to some buyers.

View from the patio of a home in the Billings Ranch community of Ashland, Oregon

The cost of homes in Ashland is higher due to such a large number of people interested in living here and tighter development standards when compared with other Oregon cities like Eugene. The Shakespeare Festival, beautiful parks, and a vibrant downtown are just a few of the reasons why Ashland is such a popular place to live. Ashland’s schools rank in the top 3% of the nation year after year and the city is home to Southern Oregon University where over 6,000 students attend classes each term.

Food & Groceries

Unlike the rest of the state of Oregon which does not charge a sales tax on purchases, the city of Ashland has a 5% tax which is charged for all prepared food within the city limits. This is a major factor for why Ashland has a slightly higher score compared with the national average for the cost of food and groceries (107.8 vs. 100).

There are five grocery stores in Ashland ranging from more budget-friendly options like Albertsons, Safeway, and Shop N Kart to the more gourmet/high-end options Market of Choice, and the Ashland Food Co-Op. Another great option for groceries is to shop at the Ashland Farmers Market that is held on Tuesdays throughout the Spring and Summer months.

Cost of living in Ashland Oregon Groceries


Ashland scores are significantly lower than the national average for utilities (85.1 vs. 100).

We do our part to reduce the utility cost for our homebuyers even more by providing solar-ready, Net-Zero certified homes whenever feasible.


Transportation costs in Ashland are significantly lower than the national average (89 vs. 100).

One could argue that Ashland is one of the most walking-friendly cities in the entire country. You can walk anywhere no matter what part of town you live in. The majority of people own vehicles, but walking and biking around town is the norm. Bike paths and sidewalks are abundant and there are even modern crosswalks designed with flashing lights to alert cars of people who are ready to cross.

Gas prices, however, are on the higher end of the spectrum along with most other Western states. In 2019, the average gas price in Oregon is $3.017 per gallon.

Are You Interested In Buying A Home In Ashland?

At KDA Homes, our philosophy is to build quality sustainable housing. We design our homes to meet the demand for affordability and comfort. This is why we emphasize providing more compact housing with a smaller footprint that allows us to price our homes to be more affordable. Where feasible, we build our homes to be solar-ready and Net-Zero certified to provide cleaner energy and lower the cost of living for our owners. KDA Homes is also committed to empowering our customers to age in place safely and comfortably which is why our homes come with a Lifelong Housing Certification.

Sustainable Homes For Sale In Ashland, Oregon

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Beach Creek Ashland
Beach Creek Ashland

Now selling starting in the $400’s! Beach Creek, by KDA Homes, is a 10-acre neo-traditional neighborhood of 52 view homes centrally located within walking distance of everything Ashland offers. As you enter the community, you will and some of Ashland’s oldest and most beautiful oak trees, a park, and open spaces along Beach Creek’s banks. A promenade with trees and front porches connects pedestrians via the newly constructed Friendship Bridge. KDA homes are NetZero, Earth Advantage, Lifelong Housing, and Firewise certified. All homes have solar panels, car chargers, and fiber optic cable. All our homes come with a 10-year home warranty.

To learn more about KDA Homes that are currently on the market, please contact our sales team.

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I am looking to relocate from a city to a small town. Im a senior citizin so I would renting a place for 2.
Thank you BG

Hi Beverly,

Glad you found our blog! Ashland is a great place for people of all ages.

I’m interested in moving to Ashland or nearby around Medford. I currently live in Lake Shastina (Siskiyou County). I’m single… never married and no kids. I just need more stimulation and activities if you know what I mean. I’m also retired from the Airlines and will get a pt job somewhere so I live under a certain financial income.

Thank you if you can help! Greatly appreciated.


Hi Kelly,

Thanks for reaching out. We recommend that you start your search with our friends at The Rick Harris Group in Ashland. They are the best Realtors in town and handle all of our home sales. Ask to speak with Rick or Rachelle about looking at houses in our newest eco-friendly community, Kestrel Park. It’s located near North Mountain Park in Ashland overlooking the city with great views of the surrounding Valley, Mt Ashland, and the Cascades. Here’s a link to their website: rickharrisgroup.com

And here’s a link to the new construction homes and cottages available at Kestrel Park: https://kda-homes.com/homes-for-sale-ashland-oregon/

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