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5 Benefits of a Small House

Would you live in a small house? Curious what the benefits of a small house might be? After decades of home building, our team has found that American houses have grown far too big. For many, true home buying happiness seems to come in small packages with thoughtful designs. The truth is, small houses provide more benefits than you might think.

Let us explain…

1. Small Homes Are More Energy Efficient

Why are small homes the answer? Less waste.

The average home in the U.S. consumes 10,909 kWh of energy per year with the majority of that energy consumption coming from A.C., water heating, and central heating.

With recent technological advances, we have expanded the area in our homes that can be heated or cooled, but stop and ask yourself, at what cost? 

Just because we can heat a home full of rooms we only spend a few moment in each day (if at all) doesn’t mean we should. It takes a toll on on the planet, your wallet, and your home. By reducing your home footprint by just a few hundred square feet, you can drastically reduce your energy consumption and save a ton of money on utilities (not to mention easing up on Mother Earth ; ) )

Best home builders in Ashland, Oregon

At KDA Homes, we focus on the benefits of a small house and are proud to build and encourage homeowners to purchase small homes because of the consequential environmental benefits. We believe in energy-efficient housing which is why we focus on building Zero-Energy Housing Communities with smaller footprints and prices that fall well below the  median home price in Ashland.

2. Small Homes Create More Intimate Family Moments

Think back to special moments with your family that are ingrained in your memory. For me, it is playing board games and cards in front of the fireplace. For others, it may be curled up on the sofa for family movie night. 

Whatever or wherever this memory takes you, it is definitely a moment where you are in close proximity to your siblings and parents. Living in a small home will help you create more of these memories with your family. 

By having extra rooms in a large home, people feel like they need to use them, but unfortunately, that causes people to become isolated. Which these days, is often spent staring at a screen. 

While there has been a shift in trends towards consumers purchasing bigger homes, humans still psychologically long for familiar touch and to be surrounded by friends and family. By living in a small home family members will use the space at hand, which for many means spending more time in the same room. 

Benefits Of Small House: Small Homes Create More Intimate Family Moments

Plus, with less space to maintain and fewer household chores to complete (and fight over), you can spend more quality time with your loved ones and doing the things you love to do.

3. Decluttering a Small Home Comes Easily

Moving into a small home will benefit you because it will force you to purge unnecessary belongings. For many, this might seem trrifying, but just wait, a long overdue purge can be just the right recipe to bring newfound happiness into your life. You may even begin to lead a minimalist lifestyle and bask in the joy of being surrounded by less stuff.

There’s an old saying that says we have the tendency to fill the space we occupy. When you reduce that space, everything in your house will start to have a purpose and a place to be stored. You are forced to become efficient at utilizing the space you have to its fullest potential.

For those of you already reaping the benefits of living in a small home, here are some steps that could make cleaning your house even more satisfying.

For those of you who still live in a large house, do not fear. Help is here! Learn some major takeaways from the Japanese Art of Decluttering by Marie Kondo. She’s a master at working organizational magic on spaces of all shapes and sizes and someone who appreciates the subtle benefits of a small house.

4. Spend more time outdoors in beautiful Oregon

Benefits Of A Small House: Spend more time outdoors in beautiful Oregon

Oregon has such a beautiful landscape and seasons that the urge to spend time outdoors is part of most Oregonian’s DNA. But often we find ourselves stuck indoors 🙁

Yes, the idea of living in a small house to some, may feel kind of cramped up. However, a major benefit of having a small home is that you will have the energy (likely saved up from not having to clean so much) to open the front door and walk outside and explore. 

If you don’t know what we mean, then check this article out. Moreover, did you know that Oregon is rated as the #7 most beautiful state on Thrillist?

5. Small Homes Save You Money

Believe it or not, all of the above benefits of a small house have money-saving implications. These money savers may seem obvious, but the amount you can save over a lifetime is not always so clear to some.

There’s the initial ticket price of your home. Spending $50,00-$100,000 less on a home can mean the difference in an early retirement for those who invest wisely.

As your heating and air conditioner units have less space to heat up or cool down, the less energy they consume and the more money you save.

Less house equals less property taxes and let’s be honest, no one enjoys paying for those.

A smaller home also means you need less stuff which will put a whole lot more cash in you rainy day fund. All and all, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars over a few decades. What could you do with an extra $100K or two in 30 years?

Bottom line, for those who can appreciate the subtle benefits of living in a smaller space, the benefits of a small house are HUGE.

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Welcome to Ashland's first zero energy community, Verde Village

We have a number of affordable homes built in sustainable nieghborhoods throughout Ashland, Oregon. Many are net-zero certified, meaning they produce more energy than they consume throughout the year and are built to the highest green building standards to minimize their impact on our planet.

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At KDA Homes, our mission is to be pioneers in smarter home design leading the way for sustainability in residential development and green building. If you’re interested in being a part of a sustainable community in Ashland, Oregon please contact us today to learn more about KDA Homes currently on the market.

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